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The Mayfair Bakery is a family owned and operated single unit retail bakery. Paul and Irene Baumann were married in 1952 and originally lived on Disston Street just off Frankford Avenue about a half dozen blocks north of the bakery. Paul worked for several noted bakeries in the Northeast including Kahl's north of Cottman Ave. Paul and Irene bought the existing Mayfair Bakery in 1965 from Richard and Hilde Schmueckle. Paul was formally trained as a Konditor* (Master Baker) in Southwestern Germany, he comes from a long line of family bakers dating back to 1823.

Baumann Family Bakery in Germany


After purchasing the building, Paul and Irene embarked on an ambitious modernization plan and brought in many new pieces of equipment. First was air conditioning for the back shop, no more exhausting humidity for the bakers, a rare sight in retail production areas. Today three separate AC units keep the retail and production area cool for both the sales and baking staff. Some of the equipment purchased were entirely new to this country including the first Rollfix dough sheeter sold in the USA. (When that was replaced many years later Rollfix sent a representative over to take it back to their museum) The mixers and refrigeration were replaced and upgraded. Other new pieces still remain trade secrets.


Some customers may remember the old Bolero bowling alley, the 4-Chefs and the empty lot with a billboard across the street ... they gave way to a bank (First Pennsy, later Corestates then First Union, then Wachovia and now Wells Fargo!) next to a strip mall and later a supermarket. Throughout all these changes the family kept the operation a neighborhood bakery employing many local residents. In some cases, many generations of the same family have worked in the bakery. Some have started working at students, stayed on through college and still come back to help at holidays or have come back after taking years off to start their own families. Some of those children later also worked at the bakery.


In the early 80's it became clear that the one building would not have enough room for all the demand. The building next door was bought and the rear was expanded to include new refrigeration, production, and dry storage ... more than doubling our production area. Even this would not be enough during the holidays and we thank the patience of our customers during those busy times.


The Baumann family still runs the bakery today. Irene & Paul retired after nearly 70 years of baking. Their son and daughter in law, Paul and Kathy, run the family business. In 2015 the focus of the bakery changed from full line retail to custom cakes and miniature pastries with hours by appointment. 

* = Konditor
definition: der Konditor, -en: Person, die
German - der Konditor, -en: Person, die beruflich süßes Gebäck herstellt (Kuchen, Torten, Plätzchen usw.)
English - Confectioner - A Person who professionally produces high-quality sweet baked goods (Cakes, Tortes, cookies, etc.)