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Cake Care

Advice on the best way to pick up your cake, get it home,
to slicing and serving. How not to ruin it!

Pick Up

Smaller birthday cakes and tortes are easy to get home. On the other hand, large specialty cakes take some foresight and planning. Make sure you have enough room in your trunk or SUV for the cake to be kept level. Normally the largest cake is a full sheet that measures about 25x18 inches.  Ask the baker how much room is needed. Our largest boxes are 16x16 or 25x18. Larger specialty cakes do not come with a box. Do not place our cakes in a hot trunk.

How to store your cake at home

Keep the cake away from sunny windows and as cool as possible. Pound and Layer Cakes with regular buttercream icing need not be refrigerated. Strawberry Shortcakes and certain Tortes must be refrigerated. If you don't have room in your fridge you can try to pick up the cake as close to the party as possible since we will have it under refrigeration, it should keep just fine for an hour or so. If you need a lot of servings it may be better to get 2 medium size cakes instead of one large one.

Cakes at a Venue / Hall

Check ahead with the hall or restaurant if they are able to keep shortcakes or whipped creme tortes under refrigeration. This is common and they should have space set aside for this. Standard cakes with Buttercreme icing do not require refrigeration unless noted otherwise. (special decorations, etc.)

Cutting and serving your cake

Here's where most people have a problem.  The lighter and more airy a cake is the more difficult it will be to cut.  A sharp knife with a thin blade is best.  Line up the cut and push the knife straight down through the cake and pull out at the bottom. Sometimes for strawberry shortcakes, you have to "saw" through the layer of fruit so a serrated knife is better. If you can manage to have a pitcher of hot water handy keep the knife in there between cuts. Use a triangular cake server to transfer the cake to a serving plate. If you are not sure how many cuts you can get out of a cake, or how to line up the cuts ask the baker. Reference our Serving Size Chart for recommended servings per cake.