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Butter and Decorated Cookies

Dipped Butter Cookies 

Mayfair Bakery in Northeast Philadelphia Cookies

We make a large variety of made from scratch, baked in-house, all butter cookies and decorated cut out cookies.

All of our cookies are baked from scratch to order so PLEASE give us plenty of advance notice!


  • Dipped cookies Chocolate chip and butter cookies dipped in chocolate and Nonpareils.
  • Dog and treat cookie White iced dalmatian dog shape cookies and dog treat cookies.
  • Moon shape cookies Half moon shape cookies - white icing - yellow airbrush.
  • Leaf cookies Fall theme leaf shape cookies. White iced and airbrushed.
  • Heart shape cookie Iced double heart shape cookie. Airbrushed red and outlined in red icing. Can be customized with initials
  • Hearts with red icingq Small heart shape cookies with red vanilla icing piped on top for Valentine's Day.
  • Customized heart cookies Custom inscribed heart cookies for Valentine's Day.
  • Chocolate dipped heart cookies Valentine's Day half chocolate dipped cut out cookies. Small size.
  • Wrapped heart cookies 4" custom heart cookies individually wrapped
  • Butterfly cookies Butterfly shape cookies. White icing, airbrushed.
  • Butterfly and Flowers More butterfly and flower shapes. White iced and airbrushed.
  • Snowcone cookies Large snowcone shape cookie with white icing & dipped in sprinkles.
  • Bunny cookies Chocolate dipped bunny shape cookies with white icing accents.
  • Bunny cookies White iced bunny shape cookies
  • Jelly bean cookies Butter cookies with a dot of white icing and a Starburst jelly bean on top.
  • Easter cookies Spring cookies. Baby chick and Easter Eggs.
  • Custom heart cookies Customized 4" heart shape cookies. White iced.
  • Misc. decorated cookies baseballs, footballs, cats, pumpkins, dinosaurs, bat
  • Ghost cookies Large ghost shape cut out cookies dipped in vanilla icing.
  • Christmas Cookies Tree and Noel Bell shape cut out cookies. Vanilla icing dipped in red & green sugar and Nonpareils
  • Snowman cookie Large snowman cookie. White iced, hat is chocolate coating. Can be customized with names.
  • Fresh out of the oven. A rack full of freshly baked butter cookies.
  • cookie tray 2.5 to 3 lb. cookie tray. Other sizes available.