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Wedding Cakes

We specialize in elegant and affordable custom decorated wedding cakes.

Feel free to stop by our store anytime to casually browse our catalog and get some information.
Detailed consultations and quotes by appointment only.

Most of the pictures we have are posted on the pages below, in our Image Gallery, or on Facebook.

Please call to set up an appointment to make sure we have the time set aside to answer any of your questions if you wish to order a specialty cake. Many more styles, colors, and themes are available or bring a photo and we'll see if we can match it.

How to select your cake

You can pick elements from each cake and combine them as you wish. Look for these design features, color, shape, flowers, trim, and size (depending on the number of guests). You can read our blog article on how to order a custom cake.
  • Shape and style - Square, round, heart or a combination.
  • Size (Number of servings/guests) - Most cakes can be scaled up or down but the number of servings may limit what is available.  If you are serving the cake as your main dessert and will be saving the top tier to take home then add 2-3 pounds to your order.  We calculate the number of pounds this way Servings divided by 5 = number of pounds.  For example, if you are having 100 guests and saving the top tier then 100/5 = 20 lbs. + 2 = 22 lb. cake.
  • Trim and color - Pick any border, swag, scrolls.  The flowers we add to the cake can be tinted or sprayed. Silk flowers and ribbon can be added.
  • Accessories - Bridges, fountains, and separator sets.


Click here for more wedding cakes in our image gallery

Walt Disney themed Wedding Cake



Click here for more wedding cakes in our image gallery


Below we have archived some of our classic wedding cakes