Wedding Cake Mayfair Bakery Philadelphia

Mayfair Bakery is an independent family-owned
business serving 
your family since 1965.
Quality Baking has been a family tradition since 1823.

"Leidenschaft für Kuchen"
(Passion for cakes)

2023 was our Bicentennial for family baking.
In 2024 we will share some of our formulas, pictures, and memories on this website to celebrate.
While working on this I found our website needed a full upgrade and content has been delayed. Please be patient.
We no longer operate in Philadelphia and are not open to the public. We are available for consulting.



Wedding Cakes

Archived Wedding Cakes - A collection of some of our past work

How to order a custom cake - Helpful information before you call your bakery.

Image Galleries

Wedding Cake Gallery

Custom Cake Gallery

Cake Servings Chart

Cake Sizes and recommended servings for different sizes and types of cakes.

Bakery Formulas & Recipes

Coming Soon: More from our archive of past production formulas and new favorite recipes

Detailed Custom & Wedding Cake Consultations by email only.
Please note we no longer take any new customers in Philadelphia.

You can view some of our past work here...

Elegant and Affordable Wedding Cakes

Birthday Cakes   ~   Custom cakes

Gender Reveal Cakes


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